Who we are

Set up in 2009, Nederhof & Partners specialises in the valuation of unlisted companies and family-owned businesses.

What we do

Nederhof & Partners’ core activities are the valuation of businesses and share packages, and value analyses.  Issues that come up in the acquisition or sale of companies, tax restructuring, divorce, death or disputes.

Case studies

Just a random selection from the services that Nederhof & Partners provided to its clients over the past years. A description of the case and the role played by Nederhof & Partners.

Case studies

Our team

Mark Rog

‘Valuation reports can be strategic plans for the future, living documents to be modified to suit any changes in circumstances’

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Jochem van Grondelle

‘My areas of expertise? People and finance.’

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Ruben Reimering

“I don’t believe in the greater fool theory. In business there rarely are irrational buyers.”

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Niels van Pelt

“A critical look at the existing focus of the company often leads to interesting new insights.”

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