Business valuation

How much is your business worth? And how is its value determined? Nederhof can help you answer those questions. There is a range of situations in which it is important to determine the value of your business or share package. Each situation comes with specific points for attention:

Purchase or sale

In acquisition and sale transactions Nederhof provides insight into a company’s economic value or the value of your share package. This valuation can be the basis for price negotiations. A value analysis sheds light also on the continuity of a company’s earning capacity: information that is essential to the timing of acquisitions or sales, and thus to their success.

Dispute resolution and legal proceedings

Nederhof acts as an advisor to a party in disputes between shareholders, associates and partners, providing solid substantiation for the basics of (out-of-court) settlement. Also frequently appointed as an expert in legal proceedings, Nederhof supports the principles of due process.

Divorce and inheritance (estate)

Many aspects come into play in determining a company’s value when you get divorced. Taxation, financeability and continuity of the business may have an impact. Valuing a company as part of a matrimonial estate is a completely different ball game. Nederhof knows the rules inside out.

A deceased’s estate can include share packages. Before dividing the estate it is important to have an independent party assess the value in a transparent manner. Not just for inheritance tax purposes but also if the interested parties are family members who either work or do not work in the family’s business. Nederhof is that independent party.

Tax restructuring

Tax-related transactions usually do not involve external parties. Examples are transfers within family-owned businesses, protective assessments or inheritance and gift tax planning. Nederhof is a trusted and reliable partner in contacts with the Tax  Administration, always providing solid, unbiased and reasonable grounds for its valuations.

Advising on the acquisition and sale of companies – Corporate Finance

Owing to its wealth of experience Nederhof is familiar with all the ins and outs of sale and acquisition transactions but also with the factors that make for the best result. Most clients are director-major shareholders and private (family-owned) businesses. With strategic advice and services throughout the process Nederhof helps its clients thoroughly prepare for:

  • Sale
  • Acquisition
  • Merger
  • Family business succession
  • Management Buy-Out (MBO) and Management Buy-In (MBI)
  • Legal counselling and
  • Financing

We stand for approachability, efficient communication and commitment.  Nederhof is part of the members-only platforms of BROOKZ and DCFA, and of several informal platforms like M&A the Hague, a local network of advisors in the mergers and acquisitions practice.

Tax advice, personal and corporate

Our tax specialists offer tax advice to enable you and your organization to function optimally in a time when changes follow each other in rapid succession.

We can offer the best solutions for a wide range of issues at the crossroads of taxation, economics and corporate law. Our tax advisors combine knowledge and experience with pragmatism. This makes us the ideal partner for all your tax issues, both personal (income tax, inheritance and gift tax) and corporate.

Nederhof can assist you with corporate income taxes, international taxes, transaction taxes and matters concerning (international) personnel, compliance, reporting and legislation. With our integrated approach, knowledge and business insights, we will help you succeed.

Advising distressed companies – Business Recovery

Leading companies out of crisis calls for considerable expertise, experience and grit on the part of directors and interested parties. In these circumstances entrepreneurs may feel the need to talk to a clear-headed advisor to help them take quick and adequate decisions in stressful situations.

Insolvency is often a hectic process; the liquidity squeeze may cause tension among the principal banker and creditors. In those situations time is an unaffordable luxury. Clarifying the nature and scope of the problems in hand and resolving those issues take priority. Is a relaunch possible, or do you have to divest? And what would be the best corporate structure for your purposes?

Working closely with lawyers and insolvency advisors, Nederhof helps you, discretely and independently, to take the right steps.