Court of Appeal demands husband and wife to resolve their issues

Client: wife
Industry: agricultural equipment trade

At a hearing initiated between the Court of Appeal of The Hague, the husband and wife, together with their financial advisors and attorneys, were invited to expand on their positions after the Court of Appeal had rejected the expert’s opinion.. Five years had already gone by while the parties were trying to settle the matrimonial state. When the husband appealed from the Court’s ruling, the case had ended up in the Court of Appeal. The relationship between the parties had become extremely troubled, when the wife called on Nederhof. The subject of the dispute was the possible payability (dividend payment test) of profits during the marriage and after.

Supported by Nederhof’s expert evidence in court and assistance during the ‘corridor negotiations’, the wife could reach an amicable and final settlement with her ex-husband and his advisors. An outcome she no longer dared hope for.